About us

The ADESAMPA – Agência São Paulo de Desenvolvimento, and Secretariat of Labor and Entrepreneurship of São Paulo City Hall, has taken to the most diverse points in the city, the program Criado em Sampa, a set of community-based creative economics projects developed in partnership with British Council and Newton Fund. The purpose of the program is to foster the creation and development of Creative Economy businesses to stimulate entrepreneurship, income generation, employment and innovation, especially among entrepreneurs in the Capital’s vulnerable territories.

Through this participation, Adesampa developed as methodology Adesampa / Nesta and Adesampa / The Studio, training courses for future entrepreneurs. They are formed through techniques, tools and tools, use didactic material, group work and interaction among them, going through all the steps of creating a company in order to show the entrepreneur. which you should consider and take into account when setting up your business.

More than 500 entrepreneurs participate in 40 courses offered with these methodologies in the 5 regions of the city.

Now, Adesampa launches a digital program platform, Criado em Sampa Online, as an extension of face-to-face courses that will enable users to directly contact content for methodologies to foster the creation of new business projects. In addition to containing all the material used in the courses, Plataforma Created at Sampa Online, we offer support to certified entrepreneurs in face-to-face training, such as mentoring, professional training, partnerships, access to financing and angel investors, laboratories and incubators companies. And, also, an exclusive area for him to share his networking experiences with other entrepreneur users.

Like Criado em Sampa, the Criado em Sampa Online will help transform ideas into sustainable businesses of the Creative Economy, use tools and resources for every stage of the entrepreneur’s journey – from initial ideas to realization in business.